MVX505: PCP Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutic

Since a vaccine can only be used for those individuals who are not currently infected, there is a need to have a therapeutic that can be used to treat infected individuals. MVX505 solves this problem as a monoclonal antibody therapeutic. Antibodies against PCP are cultured in the lab and then injected into the infected individual. This method saves the patient's immune system, which is under attack, from having to generate its own antibodies and the injected antibodies fight off the infection. The market for MVX505 is much smaller than that of MVX504 because it only consists of those individuals who are hospitalized for PCP. ICD-9 (International Classification of Diseases – Ninth Revision) data shows that this patient population is less than 200,000 in the United States. This data offers MiniVax a unique opportunity to take advantage of FDA Orphan Drug status, which provides an accelerated approval pathway and seven years of market exclusivity.